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Military & Law Enforcement Personnel Choosing Lipofast

You may have seen recent headlines describing another new trend of the popularity of Lipofast among Military and Law Enforcement personnel.  There are strict requirements for those dedicated to a career that requires them to be fit and ready for combat.  The Pentagon uses guidelines that measure body fat and the waist, and those that fail are ordered to special rigorous training sessions to reduce their size.  Failing to meet the requirements may be cause for demerit and hurt their chances for a promotion.

Botox Frequency

As the popularity of Botox treatments continues to grow, Orlando cosmetic treatment experts are constantly answering question for new visitors seeking information about the treatments they are considering for the first time.  One of these frequently asked questions is about the frequency of treatments required to keep the facial wrinkles away.

What is Lipofast?

Lipofast is a nonsurgical cosmetic weight loss protocol that reduces your body size and removes fat in stubborn body areas.

How It Works

Using LIPOFast, you can expect to lose 1 to 7 dress/pant sizes and anywhere up to 20 total inches from your body, all in just six weeks or less.

Getting the body you really want has never been so quick and easy as it is now. Unlike normal weight-loss procedures, LIPOFast’s body sculpting in Orlando requires no surgery, pain, or anesthesia. It is important to maintain a healthy life style by eating healthy and exercising daily.

As you can read and see below, LIPOFast is one of the only places using the Zerona medical laser in Orlando to deliver these great results. While other clinics are beginning to use Zerona treatments as well, LIPOFast is more effective than Zerona alone.

Beginning with the innovative Zerona laser treatments in Orlando, LIPOFast is a proprietary treatment that accelerates your fat loss and gives you the body you want in a way that is faster and easier than ever before.

Each LIPOFast treatment has three parts.

1. Melt It.

2. Move It.

3. Flush It.

Melt It. During the first stage of your LIPOFast procedure, the Zerona medical laser will melt the fat under your skin. Only your fat cells will be affected, as the Zerona medical laser adds no heat or other feeling on your skin.

Many patients are surprised at just how well this works because you feel nothing during the process. It is similar to a person shining a flashlight onto you.

However, as you can see in the pictures, the fat cells are disrupted by the laser. The fat is lost as it moves out into the surrounding tissue.

Move It. Once the fat has moved out from the cells, LIPOFast’s ELS procedure increases your circulation around the cells. This moves the fat into your lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Flush It. Finally, the LIPO Flush procedure helps your body remove the fat from your System.

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