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Military & Law Enforcement Personnel Choosing Lipofast

You may have seen recent headlines describing another new trend of the popularity of Lipofast among Military and Law Enforcement personnel.  There are strict requirements for those dedicated to a career that requires them to be fit and ready for combat.  The Pentagon uses guidelines that measure body fat and the waist, and those that fail are ordered to special rigorous training sessions to reduce their size.  Failing to meet the requirements may be cause for demerit and hurt their chances for a promotion.

Botox Frequency

As the popularity of Botox treatments continues to grow, Orlando cosmetic treatment experts are constantly answering question for new visitors seeking information about the treatments they are considering for the first time.  One of these frequently asked questions is about the frequency of treatments required to keep the facial wrinkles away.

LIPOFast™ is a cosmetic medical treatment guaranteed to remove stubborn fat from areas such as your abdomen, hips, and thighs, all without surgery. We are 

committed to creating a healthier, slimmer you, through safe and effective methods.

The LIPOFast Orlando Weight Loss Center uses a combination of three methods designed to safely and effectively remove unwanted fat from your body. We have been in business almost as long as the ZERONA fat loss laser has been approved, and our Rapid Weight Loss program is available exclusively at our Orlando, FL weight loss care center.

Our program builds a stronger, more confident you, all without surgery, recovery time, or pain. Visit our Orlando Rapid Weight Loss clinic to see how we can transform your body!

Our Location

Orlando Weight Management and Nutrition Center
5979 Vineland Road, Suite 214
Orlando, FL 32819

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday from 8am - 7pm
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed


Directions to the LIPOFast Weight Loss Clinic in Orlando:

*From I-4, take Exit #75B to merge onto FL-435 N/S Kirkman Rd. Take left onto Vineland Rd.
We are located at 5979 Vineland Rd, Suite 214.

*From our previous location:
Head southwest on Park Center Dr. toward Metrowest Blvd.
Take the 1st left onto Metrowest Blvd.
Turn right onto S. Kirkman Rd.
Turn right onto Vineland Rd.
We are located at 5979 Vineland Rd, Suite 214. 

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